Grace Public Senior Secondary School is managed by SAHIB DYAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY(Regd.)

Management Team

Uttam Singh Chairman
Jatinder Singh Randhawa President/Director
Surinder Kaur Vice President
Amanjot Singh General Manager
Ramanjeet Kaur Randhawa Office Administrator

Chairman's Desk

S.Uttam Singh Kahlon

I am extremely proud of gracians and their ability to show their prowess in academics, their high spiritedness in cultural activities and their eclat in literary endeavors.

Communication is the greatest weapon, It is only through spoken or written words that cobwebs are swept away, gaps are abridged and ideas generated. Even in this Digital Age, the interest of Ed Board in published the magazine is highly commendable.

It is a result of endless zeal and zest in the students, writing articles, poems, contacting alumni, choosing words for the book itself is a herculean task. Finally when it comes out, it speaks volumes of their hard work and effort.

So keep doing this fantastic work, put your heart and soul into it. Feel happy when you accomplish and carry on this journey towards excellence. Wish you all a very bright future ahead !!

Director's Desk

Mrs. Surinderjeet Kaur

Education plays a very important role in shaping and moulding the integrated personality of a child, Education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge, but the overall development of the personality of the child. In any good educational institution. there is a crying need to teach basic values like honesty, obedience, integrity, sincerity punctuality, positive thinking and love for the country and selfless service towards human beings.

A teacher should act as a role model for the students to follow. Education accompanied by moral values is wisdom and a blessing and education without moral values is a tool of exploitation. School must realize the vital importance of these values in human life.

I congratulate the students staff and management of the "GPS" and wish them good luck for their future.

Dr. Jatinder Singh Randhawa

" You were Born with Potential, You were Born with Ideas and Dreams. You were Born with Wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have Wings. Learn to use them and fly."

Howsoever a grotesque shape the world may take, howsoever we may sink in gloom, howsoever our soul may wander, the presence of a beautiful thing in our life would dispel the darkness and-bring sunshine.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." How exquisitely Keats has appreciated beauty in this line. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and we can't deny the fact that there is beauty all around us. There is beauty' in mother's look, in brother's noble act of forbearance, in handful of flowers, in green dells, in the acts of benevolence and soon. All beautiful things add joy to our life even though the pulls and pushes of materialism keep bothering us.

" Woods are lovely dark and deep Bul I have promises lo keep. And miles lo go before l sleep And miles lo go before l sleep "

Principal's/ Administrator Desk

Mrs. Ramanjeet Kaur Randhawa

These are interesting times that we are living in. The world has its eyes on India. We have the kind of resources that were not available a decade ago. The Kind of opportunities that students have today are very exciting for us educators too. Students today are more aware about things that even than their teachers, but not all of their knowledge is useful, which makes me wonder if our youth is fully aware of its implications and if we are fully prepared to teach them what kind of future the present will lead to them to. The young adults are at a very sensitive juncture in their lives. On one hand there is the world calling. dreams waiting and adrenaline rushing, pushing, them to turn those dreams into reality, on the other hand there are parents, teachers, mentors

asking them to take it slow and measure each step. From someone who's been there, believe me when I say that I know what it feels like. And as someone who spent his youth in this transitional time when technology began making its way into our everyday lives, l can say that this greatest resource is also the biggest challenge that our youth faces today. The more times our youth spends in the virtual reality, the bigger they disconnect with the real world. The internet may have become a revolutionary tool in communication but it has actually become detrimental to interpersonal communication. Real emotions have been replaced by emoticons.

Real communication has been replaced by Facebook & Instagrarn update wars. Yes Things have become much easier now, but at what cost? Gone are the times when you could impress the world with your grades alone. This age demands individuals that are emotionally intelligent, physically fit and mentally alert. Dear students, donot confine yourself to this one dimensional version of reality.

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